Email solutions to suit your needs

We offer a variety of email solutions to suit all needs whether personal, small business or large company. Choose from simple POP or IMAP email accounts to SMPT mail with Spam filtering  and mail server Backup services.

Email as part of our Hosting Service

As part of our hosting service you get unlimited email addresses at your domain name. Our Q-Mail accounts are compatible with all main email software programs such as Microsoft Outlook, Outlook Express, MacMail etc. In addition if you are traveling or simply prefer to view your emails using an internet browser our Q-Mail offers the facility to do this and more. As part of our service we provide virus protection and spam assassin.

Email Only Hosting

If you would like to use your domain name for email, but do not require a full hosting service, then our “Email only hosting” is the choice for you. The email only hosting provides you with 5 Q-Mail accounts all of which come with virus protection and spam assassin. In addition to the email accounts, the email only hosting allows you to redirect your domain name to another URL or customise the parking page. As with the full hosting service you can access your email by using an email software program or on the internet.


With SMTP mail, you handle your own email service on your in-house server. The MX records (mail records) for your domain are simply pointed to the static IP of your server and your email is directed straight to the server. This means there is no need to log on to Irish Domain servers to collect your email, and similarly when sending, you can relay out directly from your server.

When using your own server for email, Irish Domains can provide you with a backup email server. This ensures that if your own server is offline for any reason, or if your internet connection fails, we simply collect your mail for you. When your server is back online, email is automatically forwarded back to you.

Irish Domain can also provide a professional spam filtering services at the domain level. This ensures that your server receives only a clean stream of legitimate mail rather than the usual spam & junk that causes so many problems today.

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