Spamfiltering – how it works

With Spamfilter, spam and viruses emails are removed from your mail before they reach your network or mailserver. All incoming mail for your domain(s) is routed through our filtering servers and scanned for undesirable content. Scanning is in real time and within milliseconds, spam and viruses are detected, removed or quarantined and genuine email routed back to your destination mail server.

Suspicious email (high spam probability) are safely quarantined in a web-based, password-protected control center for you or your network administrator to review or release.

Full email logging

Spamfilter provides full logging of all email that reaches the servers. Account administrators have full access to their own logs through the control panel and these can be searched to view when and why a message was rejected.

Control Panel

When you sign up to spamfilter, you will have your own access to the spamfilter control panel. Within the control panel you can administer your own account, add addresses or domains to your own black and white lists, view or search logs to trace emails passing through the system and view or release messages that have been quarantined by the filters.

Spamfilter Packages & Pricing

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