.IE Domain Names

Show your link to Ireland with a .IE domain

.IE is without question the most popular top-level domain for Irish Individuals, Companies and other organizations. This is the domain you need most to market yourself to other Irish Businesses and Consumers.

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The regular price for a .IE domain is from €29.95 per year but for a limited time you can grab yours online from €14.95 for one year, or save up to €50 by securing your .IE domain for 10 years. Customer quotas apply!

Incorrectly assumed to be hard to obtain, .ie domains are now very easy to register with little fuss. The full details on registration are linked below but if you are one of the following based in Ireland including NI, then all you need is shown here, and in most other cases registration will still be quick and easy with the correct documentation

Registered Businesses or Companies

We generally need your registered company or business name number. If the domain you want is much different to your official name, then just a few lines of explanation on what the domain is for.

Clubs, Schools, Associations, Partnerships

Generally we need a letter on your headed paper letting us know what the domain is for, in the case of a partnership we may need your registered business name or just proof of ID/Address for the partners.

Private Individuals

If you are registering your own personal name then just proof of ID/Address. If the domain is for another use e.g. blog, hobby site, future business (but not yet trading) etc the we additionally need a few lines explaining what it is for.

Other Cases, Outside Ireland

Once you can show a strong link to Ireland then in most cases you can go ahead and register the domain – we’ll probably need something like sample invoices with Irish Suppliers or Customers or some other indication that you trade, intend to trade or have some other good link to Ireland.

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