Privacy policy

In order to provide domain registration and web hosting services, it is necessary for Irish Domains Limited to hold certain information about our customers on our computer systems. Except for the purposes of registration, providing (or informing you about) our products and services, or where required by law, Irish Domains Limited promise not to make your personal information available to any third party, unless you explicitly allow us.

Our privacy policy is certified by TRUSTe, the leading global data privacy management solutions provider and our full policy can be viewed by clicking the TRUSTe seal below:

TRUSTe Certified Privacy Seal

In order to register a domain, it is necessary that certain information about the registrant is passed to the top-level domain registry, along with any supporting documentation that may be required to establish identity or rights to the domain name. This information includes (but is not limited to) the following …

1. Domain Name
2. Registrant Name
3. Administrative Contact Name
4. Postal Address
5. Email Address
6. Telephone/Fax Numbers

Some or all of the above information may be made publicly available via a WHOIS or similar service. It is not possible for us to register a domain without providing this information, and is a condition of registration that the registrant (you) consents to this information being made available for the purposes of registration.


Websites operated by Irish Domains may make use of ‘Cookies’, small pieces of information that are remembered by your web browser. This allows you, for example, to remain logged in to your control panel or assists in remembering your order when you are purchasing services. No individually identifiable personal information is ever stored in cookies. Cookies may also allow external sites display customized advertising when you visit them. Cookies may be deleted from your browser at any time, or may be disabled, however we cannot guarantee the correct operation of all our websites in this case.

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