Remote Online Backup

Is your data safe?

Every day valuable personal or business information is irretrievably lost because it isn’t backed up. Most businesses that suffer a significant data loss will fail within a few years. Are you confident your data is safe if your PC is stolen or in case of fire or other disaster?

Simple Online Backup provides a simple and easy to use system that stores copies of your most valuable information in a secure remote location where it can be easily retrieved if your PC or server crashes or is lost, stolen or otherwise damaged by an unforseen event.

Easy to install

Our simple software installs quickly and easily on your PC, Mac or Server. Once installed, you simply tell it what information you want backed up remotely and for how long. It will then quietly encrypt and store your data in a secure remote storage facility.

Safe & Secure

Two separate copies of your information are kept on separate redundant storage arrays in a world-class Tier 4 data center – we back-up the back-up! Your data is secured with 256-bit encryption using a key only you know – even we cannot ever see it.

Available Soon!

We’ll be rolling out our Online Backup service very soon! If you’d like more information or to be notified when it’s available, just leave us your contact details below and we’ll get back to you with full details.

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