Spam? Try our simple effective Spam Filter

ID Spam Filter is a simple yet effective cloud based email security system that automatically removes unwanted spam and viruses from your incoming mail.

As it works at the domain level, the unwanted content doesn’t ever reach your mailbox, instead it is blocked or quarantined safely by our filtering servers. There is almost zero maintenance – just set it up and forget about it. See how Spamfilter works.

You can log in to your filtering account to check quarantine, examine email logs, add users or domains to white-list, and view usage statistics.  If you are experiencing a mail server outage, you can view waiting messages, or route them to another email server.

Our Spam Filtering comes in two flavors:

Professional Spam Filter

This is suitable for all emails at your domain. Simply sign up and tell us what domain you want filtered. Once your account is set up, you just need to point email for your domain at our servers (we can do this for you if your domain is with us) and we’ll take care of the rest.

Monthly €8.95 – First Month Free
Yearly €89.50 – 13 months for 10

Email Server Protection

This product is ideal for anyone running their own mail server. It combines our excellent Professional Spam Filtering with a 14 day extended mail queue that can store your mail should anything happen to your mail server or its broadband connection. Once your server is back online, emails are automatically delivered, but you can view stored emails in the meantime via your spam admin panel.

Monthly €13.95 – First Month Free
Yearly €139.50 – 13 months for 10 

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