Transfer a domain

Transfer requirements

You can only transfer a domain that you already own but was registered through a different company**.  The process for transferring a domain name varies depending on the domain type. Please refer to the instructions below with regard to the TLD you wish to transfer before placing the transfer order.

[learn_more caption=”.com/.net/.info/.biz/.org”]Before initiating a transfer request, please ensure that the domain is UNLOCKED for transfer and that you have the domains authorisation code (EPP code). This code must be input when placing the transfer request. The Authorisation code will be sent to you by your current registrar on request. You should also check in advance that the contact email address on the domain is in use and can be accessed by you.[/learn_more]

[learn_more caption=”.ie Domains”]Your transfer request should be accompanied by a signed fax requesting that the domain be transfered to Irish Domains for Billing purposes. This can be faxed through to our Sales Dept on 01-8507099.[/learn_more]

[learn_more caption=” Domains”]Contact your current registrar and request a TAG change to IRISHDOMAINS – (the tag must be one word and UPPERCASE)[/learn_more]

[learn_more caption=”.eu Domains”]No special requirements in advance of placing a transfer order. Once the transfer is placed an automated email requiring confirmation will be sent to the domain admin contact email address.[/learn_more]

**To prevent abuse Domain transfer fees are non-refundable (failed transfers can be reinitiated if required).

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