.UK Domain Right of Registration

The newer .uk top-level domain name came into being back in July 2014. At the time, this was a partially restricted domain as a UK based service address was neded to register. However, this restriction has been removed so .uk domains can be registered by anyone, just like .co.uk domains.

At the launch, the .uk equivalent to all existing .co.uk (and .org.uk etc) domain names were placed on a reserved list so that only the holder of an equivalent third level domain could register the .uk. version. That period is ending on 25th July 2019, after which all reserved .uk domains will be released for general registration.

If you have a .co.uk or .org.uk domain that was registered before 25th July 2014, then you have until the same date in 2019 to register the .uk version "as of right" and prevent someone else doing so.


In conjunction with Nominet, we can offer a 1 year FREE registration to any holder that meets the above criteria. This offer expires 31st March 2019. Renewals will be at the normal published rate. Please use the Promotional code UKRIGHTSPROMO when placing the order (discount will be applied at checkout).

To secure your domain, please place a TRANSFER order for the .uk version, as the domain will currently not show as available. You can do this via your control panel (Click "Registered Domains -> Transfer Existing) or you can place a transfer order in the normal way via our website, but you must log in at the checkout stage. Please use the existing (.co.uk) domain as the transfer key. Your .uk domain will be registered with the *exact* same details as the existing domain.

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